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The Best Commercial Contractors In Ontario

A commercial contractor takes care of every aspect of a commercial construction project. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we count on a team of trained professionals who can successfully complete your commercial construction or renovation project. We will manage every aspect of your project with attention to detail and care. We will:

How To Find The Best Commercial Contractor

Deciding whether your business space needs renovation or building it from the ground up is more straightforward than finding the right contractor for the job. In other words, not all commercial general contractors have the proper skill set and experience to efficiently handle your project. For example, retail space or office buildings have far fewer considerations and requirements than hospitals, schools, jails, sports complexes, or other highly regulated industries. In order to locate an ideal contractor, you should consider aspects such as the following:

Assess Their Portfolio & Check References

Go through the online portfolio of the commercial contractor you want to work with. Take time to read the case studies of their feature projects. Note what challenges they overcame to meet their clients' needs. Make a list of the clients and contact them to ask about their experience. Ask questions like if they stayed on schedule and budget, how detail oriented they were, and if they managed and followed through with the project effectively. You want an overall idea of whether it was easy to work with the contractor. Also, search for similar projects like yours that they have done. Good reputation matters.

Consider All The Services They Offer

When choosing a commercial contractor, you want one that can take over the most important or all parts of the construction project. There are many elements regarding construction projects. The best contractor you can work with is the one that takes care of most of them. A contractor who has an interior design division may also be able to help you choose furniture, accessories, and finishes that complement the architecture. Don’t choose a contractor just based on pricing. Analyze what else you are getting by working with them; if they alleviate some of the weight of the project for you.

Check Their Safety Record

It is not surprising that the construction industry is considered a high-risk one due to the type of jobs performed. Your contractor's level of attention to safety goes beyond how much they care for their construction teams. It also reflects their ability to deliver your project safely, on time, and within budget. Injuries on the job can halt a project in minutes, and the fines, lost wages, and potential litigation can be devastating. Find a commercial contractor with an impeccable safety record. It will protect your interest and reputation.

Inquire About Their Time and Budget Management Processes

Reliable construction firms keep their projects on schedule and budget by developing and applying effective processes and hiring the right professionals. Nowadays, commercial general contractors handle many parts of a project, like contracts, costs, timelines, permits, materials, deliveries, etc. Find out their on-time project completion records, and discuss their strategies when faced with roadblocks, scope changes, and other unexpected situations that may arise.

Why Choose Us

At Platinum Construction Corporation, we are committed to realizing your vision for improved productivity and functionality of your commercial property. We guarantee structural integrity and modern, sustainable design of your business site. Experts in our team are well-versed in project management, operation trends, design needs, and market challenges. We consider every project an opportunity to apply our expertise to create your vision. Our client’s satisfaction is what we aim for. We work in all commercial sites, such as offices, restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, and more.

Commercial Construction & Renovation Services

New Commercial Building Services

At Platinum Construction Corporation, we specialize in building new commercial facilities and structures from the ground up. We handle all kinds of business locations, from hospitals, laboratories, apartment buildings, schools, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses and industrial complexes.

Tailored Renovation Solutions

We tackle all sorts of renovation projects with professionalism and attention to detail. Our experienced construction expert can bring your building up to code by eliminating structural hazards, improving lighting and ventilation, redesigning existing spaces and more. Our goal is to enhance your business appeal to boost your productivity.

Architecture & Engineering Plans

At Platinum Construction Corporation, we handle all your architectural and engineering plan requirements, from blueprints to permit submission and coordination. Architectural drawing presents your design idea coherently so the building contractor can follow. We have experience in the private and public sectors.

Complete Interior Design Services

Our commercial interior design team can design and supervise the construction of your commercial area. They will assist you in choosing colours, materials and equipment that reflect your style and brand. We can take care of interior design plans, concept development, construction documents, site documentation, environmental graphics, etc.

Construction Project Management

Our skilled team at Platinum Construction Corporation will assist you in keeping track of our project from ideation to planning, management and completion. We thrive in hospitality, recreation, commercial, industrial, government and educational areas. Our extensive experience in various construction projects helps us accurately assess your specific needs and foresee possible complications.

Our innovative solutions make a difference in your commercial projects. Whether it’s a new build, an addition, or a renovation and fit-out project. We ensure adequate resource allocation for timely completion of your projects. We cover areas such as:


A Commercial General contractor (GC) is a professional who is responsible for the overall management, coordination, and execution of a commercial construction project. The GC hires and manages subcontractors, obtains necessary permits and inspections, and ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget.
Commercial General contractors can provide a wide range of services, including project planning, budgeting, and scheduling; coordinating and managing subcontractors; obtaining necessary permits and inspections; and overseeing the overall construction process. They may also be involved in the design and layout of the commercial space.
Yes, we offer design and installation services for outdoor spaces and landscaping, including walkways, patios, and gardens. These features can improve the appearance and functionality of your commercial space.
We offer lighting and electrical system installation and maintenance services. These systems can help to improve the functionality and appearance of your commercial space, as well as enhance safety and security.
Yes, we offer security system installation and maintenance services, including surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems. These systems can help to improve the safety and security of your commercial space.
Yes, we can help businesses bring their commercial spaces up to code by making necessary upgrades and improvements. This can include everything from installing new electrical and plumbing systems to adding fire sprinklers.
We offer energy efficiency upgrade services to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and save money on utility costs. This can include everything from installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances to sealing air leaks and adding insulation.