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As a restaurant owner, you are probably constantly searching for new ways to boost your business and stand out from your competitors. One way to achieve this is by renovating and updating your restaurant business style, ambiance and decor. You want your clientele to feel they are walking into the new spot everyone is talking about. A well-designed, beautiful restaurant creates the right atmosphere, enticing customers to come back again and again. However, it is understandable that the idea of undergoing renovations or remodelling can seem overwhelming and intimidating for restaurant owners. For this reason, it is crucial that you find a trustworthy, reliable restaurant general contractor to handle all aspects of your business renovation with ease and efficacy. Once the renovation is completed, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the finished project, like increased sales.

Benefits of Renovating Your Restaurant

Thriving businesses keep themselves fresh, relevant and space-efficient, especially restaurants. The challenge is to keep up with ever-evolving design trends. However, being up to date will ensure that your restaurant is relevant among your clientele and can attain new customers. Thus some of the most significant benefits of remodelling your restaurant are:

Improve Client Experience

A great experience at your restaurant doesn't solely depend on the food. There is also the atmosphere. Even if your food is mindblowing, customers will consider all aspects, such as the decor, when considering returning. Thus, keeping your restaurant updated with your food style and culture will offer an overall improved eating experience.

Make Your Space More Efficient

If you find navigating the layout of your dining room or kitchen challenging, a renovation may be needed. You can optimize your space usage in kitchens, storage rooms, food prep spaces, and dining and bar areas. Doing this will allow your staff to work effectively and boost their morale.

Increase Attention and Brand Awareness

Simple things like a new coat of paint can bring attention to your restaurant. Then imagine the attention you will get after a major renovation. Although remodelling requires time and money, it is a worthy investment. Working with a contractor who can deliver a fresh face to your establishment will help you to gain new clientele and increase revenue.

4 Things To Look For In A Restaurant General Contractor

Finding a restaurant contractor that will bring your restaurant vision to life requires you to do some serious searching. You need to find a well-trained and experienced professional that you can rely on to stick to your timeline, requirements and budget. There are four key aspects that can make your search more fruitful.
Restaurant Among the many services that general contractors can offer are project planning, budgeting, and scheduling; managing and coordinating subcontractors; securing required permits and inspections; and managing the whole building process. They might also help with the planning and design of the restaurant’s interior.
Depending on the project’s size and complexity, location, and market conditions, as well as other factors, the cost of engaging a Restaurant General contractor might vary significantly. Before making a choice, it is crucial to obtain quotes from several contractors and carefully consider their offerings.
In addition to construction management, several restaurant general contractors also offer design and layout services. They might be able to offer assistance with everything from choosing finishes and fixtures to developing the first concept.
The majority of the time, a restaurant general contractor will organize and oversee subcontractors that take care of particular project components, including plumbing or electrical work. On the other hand, certain general contractors could have internal teams that can manage every part of the project.
Making sure the project stays within budget is one of a restaurant general contractor’s main duties. It is crucial to express your budgetary restrictions to the GC in clear terms and to carefully review and approve any adjustments to the scope of work before they are put into effect.
Yes, the restaurant general contractor is in charge of securing all required licenses and inspections for the building project. They should be able to negotiate the permit process on your behalf and be knowledgeable with the neighborhood’s building codes and rules.

1. Look for Relevant Experience

When choosing a contractor to work with, experience is essential since you’re putting your entire project into their hands. Furthermore, you need a commercial general contractor. The ones focused on residential projects are a poor fit for the high demands of restaurant construction and renovation. You should also look at their years of experience as restaurant contractors and their past projects within your industry. Moreover, the general contractor you hire should have done similar projects and be familiar with your vision. Whether you are doing a complete transformation or only your dining area, the right contractor for you would have successfully done those jobs before.

2. Market Knowledge

When taking upon the task of remodelling your restaurant, it is essential that everything runs smoothly. There is no room for error. Therefore you must find a commercial contractor that is well versed in all aspects involved in restaurant renovation. From idea and design to materials and construction, your contractor must have a deep understanding and market knowledge of everything related to restaurant construction. Your chosen contractor should also be aware of the latest restaurant design trends. Also, have contact details of design consultants, equipment providers, and sub-contractors he had worked with in previous projects. Furthermore, there are matters specific to restaurant renovation, such as the Health Department and building code requirements, equipment accommodation and HVAC considerations. Experienced restaurant contractors know what to expect and deliver on work contracts without problems.

3. Reputation Among Peers

Your restaurant remodelling project will likely involve an architect, an electrician, an interior designer, a landscape artist, an engineer, reliable suppliers, and many others. It will save you time if your general contractor can find the right team to work on your restaurant renovation project. However, this will only be possible if your restaurant contractor has a good reputation and the right contacts in the market.

4. Request And Compare Quotes

Request quotes and discuss your renovation project with potential contractors. Reliable restaurant contractors will answer follow-up questions and take the time to explain each part of an estimate. A professional general contractor works with you, facilitating every step. They can also advise you about ideas whose high cost doesn’t bring equal benefit.