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What Is A Custom Home Builder?

A custom home builder is involved in a home’s entire design-and-construction process. Their work starts in the early planning stages all the way to the finishing touches, cleaning up, and post-production work. As a client, when working with a custom home builder, you can give your input, feedback and suggestion throughout every project stage. This ensures that your custom home is genuinely to your liking.
At Platinum Construction Corporation, we can custom-build the home of your dreams anywhere in the Vaughan area. We have many years of experience building custom homes. Our professionalism and attention to detail bring total satisfaction to all our clients.

Benefits of Working With Custom Home Builders

When choosing Platinum Construction Corporation to develop your custom home project, you can be sure that:

Our Custom Home Building Process

Creating a house begins long before concrete is poured, nails are nailed together, or keys are handed to you. It starts with a dream, a vision of your family enjoying your first meal together in a brand-new home. When choosing Platinum Construction Corporation, you have our expertise to help you select the plan matching your budget and lifestyle. We create achievable timelines for your project and consider which construction aspects can increase your future home’s value. Building a home is a rewarding yet intricate process; thus, you can count on us to assist you every step of the way.

Building Steps

We gather your ideas, objectives, and vision in the first consultation. To later established the feasibility and course of your project. We like to take the necessary time in this initial phase to get all expectations clear. Together with you, we will set the budget, timelines and building availability.
When working with Platinum Construction Corporation, you will get a design proposal based on your specific requirements, budget and vision. Then we will present you with a design proposal, hear your feedback and make the necessary changes until we have the one you are satisfied with. In this phase, we will develop the original floor plan and drawings to better visualize the end result.
After the proposal is approved, we meet with the architectural and engineering team. They will create the set of drawings for the city’s approval. You will also meet with the interior designer to review the original plans. Our goal is that you are convinced of all details before proceeding to the following stage.
Once you have approved all plans, we can start the construction project. However, before beginning excavation or demolition, we instruct our team to protect all sensitive areas and structures that can be damaged. We also check all the necessary permits are in place to proceed with the construction phase. During the construction, we will monitor and keep you up to date on the progress of your project.
We will take you on a site inspection after the construction is complete. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we care that you are one hundred percent satisfied with the result. Therefore, we will only leave the site once you are pleased with your new home. You can also bring an independent inspector to check the construction.