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Why Renovate Your Home?

If you are walking around your home thinking about upgrading your kitchen or bathroom or building that new extension in your garage, you are not alone. Many homeowners pondered this. Whether you have been in the same house for years or just moved to a new one, remodelling can have many advantages, such as:
Furthermore, an experienced general contractor in charge of your home renovation can guide you through the process to make the best of your investment. Our presentation card is our excellent home renovations track record at Platinum Construction Corporation.

We Do All Types Of Home Renovations

At Platinum Construction Corporation, we know that renovating your home entirely or partially can look intimidating. However, our years of experience in all types of remodelling give us the necessary insight to work with you in a stress-free environment. Our knowledgeable expert team will help you with all steps of your remodelling process to bring your vision to reality.

Exterior Renovations

If you are considering giving new life to the exterior of your house to gain curb appeal or creating more outdoor space to enjoy the sun, we can assist you. Consider that your house's facade is the first impression people get from your home, and first impressions count. Therefore thinking about renovating your exterior when outdated is an excellent choice. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we efficiently handle any type of exterior renovations like patios, decks, roofs, exterior siding, foundations and more.

Interior Renovations

Choosing the right general contractor to handle the interior renovation of your home is vital for the project's success. Whether you need to install custom cabinetry, wall removal, paint, electrical work, plumbing, interior waterproofing, tile setting or any other renovation service, we can do it. Our team of experts can find the best solution for any of your interior renovation needs

Basement Renovations

You may think that taking over the process of converting your basement into a home office or an extra room would save you money and time. Think twice. Only an expert with the know-how can handle basement renovation aspects, such as plumbing, electricity and more. Thus, hiring a professional is your best bet. Our Platinum Construction Corporation skilled team will help you plan, budget, and choose the best materials for your basement renovation.

Bathroom Renovations

Suppose you are considering completely renovating, partially remodelling, or freshening up your bathroom. There are many things to take into account. What elements of your bathroom can be changed or need to stay? If you want to use ceramic tiles, stoneware or vapour-resistant materials. Our expert team can guide you to all these critical decisions and create your dream bathroom.

Kitchen Renovations

Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, where your family gets together to celebrate the joy of being together. Therefore is crucial to find the best contractor to manage your kitchen renovation. There are many elements to take into consideration when you set to change your kitchen space. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we help you with remodelling, planning and choosing the best materials for your project. We find professional plumbers, electricians, cabinet vendors, countertop manufacturers, painters and tile setters to deliver their finest work for your new kitchen to shine.

Design/Build Home Additions

Thinking of adding a room to your home, maybe in the front or back? You may want to have that solarium you always wanted to build or expand your attic and use as a guest bedroom. The possibilities are endless when you are thinking about adding a home extension. However, some planning must be done to complete this ambitious project successfully. You need to work with an architect or structural engineer to add an extension to your house. Then plans and blueprints need to be produced and the necessary permits obtained before starting any work. Our skilled and knowledgeable team at Platinum Construction Corporation will guide you through every step and coordinate and supervise the home extension to completion.

Why To Work With Us

When you think about starting your home renovation project, which contractor you choose to support you in this not-so-easy process is crucial. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we understand your needs and concerns and bring all our expertise and support to make the whole process as smooth as possible. Our goal is that you achieve the home of your dreams. When you work we us, you can expect the following:

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Renovation

Various factors play a role when it comes to the cost of your home renovation. Are you renovating your entire home or just the kitchen? How old is your home? Does it have any previous work done? Another aspect to consider is whether you choose a renovation package or custom renovation; the latter is usually more costly. Materials to use will also play a crucial part too. There are some more expensive than others. The complexity of the renovation also affects the timing, with may increase the labour cost. All of these factors are considered when calculating the cost of your home renovation.
Before starting your home renovation project, it is advisable that you take a look at your property and note some issues you may want to address. Also, define your vision of how your home will look in the end. Get some photos of your inspiration. Once your idea is clear, set a plan, a budget and look for a professional, reputable general contractor. After you hire the contractor, the real work begins. It may involve some demolition, then electrical, plumbing, heating, etc., will continue. Followed by painting, roofing, flooring, cabinetry and others. Later it is time for the finishing touches, and your project is completed.
The answer depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. You may choose a less disruptive time to your daily schedule, like over your vacation time. If you are remodelling the exterior of your home, you may choose a time when the weather is favourable, like summer or spring. Interior renovation projects in your kitchen, bathroom or other places can be done all year around. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we can answer any questions about the best time to start your home remodelling project. We listen to your request and suggest what will work best for you.
If you are pondering between choosing to renovate your place or build it from scratch, first ask yourself the following: How long am I planning to stay in my current home? What is my budget? What is the actual state of my house? Once you respond to these questions, you can make an adequate decision for you and your home. At Platinum Construction Corporation, we can handle all your renovation needs with professionalism and accuracy. Contact us now!


We provide a comprehensive range of home renovation services, such as painting, flooring installation, house additions, finished basements, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, and more.
We have worked on many successful projects throughout the course of our many years in the home remodelling industry
Yes, upon request, we would be pleased to share references or testimonials.
The renovation process might and often does result in unforeseen problems or adjustments. In order to decide the best course of action and make any necessary modifications to the project plan, we handle them by consulting with the customer.
Based on the precise requirements and preferences of the client and the extent of the project’s work, we offer comprehensive cost estimates.
To assist clients in envisioning and planning their home improvement projects, we do indeed offer design services.
Once we have a better idea of the amount of work necessary and any potential difficulties that might occur, we can offer a completion date for the job.